Rudy Milian was our guest presenter at the 2018 OTR Viewpoint Luncheon on the State of Retail in New York City. He was well received by our investor clients in attendance and we all benefitted from Rudy’s great insight about retail and real estate.
— John F. O'Donoghue, Senior Vice President, Director of Equities, OTR Global, LLC, Purchase, New York, USA
Since 2016, we have been working with Woodcliff Realty on our latest mixed-use development in Hallandale Beach, Florida from the initial planning stages through the opening. Rudy Milian and his team have assisted us with Atlantic Village’s development strategy, leasing, marketing, etc., and we often meet up with Rudy for brainstorming sessions where we collaborate and benefit mutually. Atlantic Village opens Phase 1 in 2018 as a huge success and 100% leased—a tribute to the team we have assembled in Florida and in Mexico—and we have already begun construction on Phase 2.
— Elias Benaim Managing Partner Grupo Eco, Hallandale Beach, Florida, USA
The creation of Woodcliff through the leadership of Rudy Milian will provide the retail real estate industry with the highest level of expertise in all facets of the business. Not only does Rudy have decades of shopping center and retail experience, he has assembled a distinguished group of professionals who are also outstanding contributors to the success of their businesses and the entire industry.
— John R. Morrison, CRX, CDP, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Rudy Milian is not only an inspirational and highly respected retail real estate executive but also a human bridge that connects professionals across continents and regions to work together to advance our industry and our businesses so we can better serve our customers. His passion for excellence is contagious, and his abundant resources, global mindset, integrity and willingness to help others is second to none.
— Laura DeSwart, CRRP, CRX, CSM, CLS, President, Greater China, Triple Five Worldwide Group of Companies, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China
I have known Rudy Milian professionally for many years and have had the privilege to work with him while serving in a volunteer capacity for ICSC. Rudy is a high-spirited professional who willingly takes on new challenges and responsibilities.
— Stephen D. Lebovitz, ICSC Past Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
I have known Rudy Milian for two decades and I have found him to be knowledgeable about the retail real estate industry and very reliable.
— Avi Alkaş, MRICS, CRX, CSM, CMD, CLS - Chairman, JLL - Ülke Başkanı Turkey
I know many of the professionals that Rudy Milian has assembled to deliver services on behalf of Woodcliff. They have a great reputation in the industry and unique skills to offer. What I’ve appreciated most about working with Rudy Milian on various projects over the years is his ability to deliver the expected results and then take it a step further to exceed expectations.
— Gary D. Rappaport, CRRP, CRX, CSM, CMD, CLS, CDP ICSC Past Chairman, Chief Executive Officer RAPPAPORT, McLean, Virginia, USA
One of Rudy Milian’s most impressive attributes is his breadth of knowledge about the shopping center industry and the people within it. Since I first met him in 2013, I have found Rudy to be responsive, fair, knowledgeable and professional in all my dealings with him.
— James J. Lampassi, Vice President, Real Estate Development, Barnes & Noble, Inc., New York, New York, USA
I have known Rudy Milian for more than two decades and consider him a dedicated and tenacious individual full of enthusiasm with a penchant for excellence.
— David J. Contis, CRX, CLS, CSM, CDP, Principal, Agora Advisors, Inc., Reno, Nevada, USA
I have tremendous respect for Rudy Milian as an inspirational leader, tactful diplomat and astute executive. He was instrumental in guiding ICSC to new heights, through thick and thin, always with a smile.
— Vincent A. Corno, CRX, Senior Vice President of Development, Starwood Retail Partners, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Rudy Milian has been an integral part of the shopping center industry. His experience and ability allows him to recognize trends from developers, retailers and consumers. This unique perspective then helps bring about positive outcomes for all.
— John Bucksbaum, CSM, ICSC Past Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Bucksbaum Retail Properties, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Rudy Milian and I go back to the late 1980s when we were both early volunteers for ICSC in Texas. I’ve always found him to be a high energy person, always willing to go the extra mile in everything he tackles.
— Andrew M. Alexander, ICSC Past Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Weingarten Realty, Houston, Texas, USA
I met Rudy Milian almost 20 years ago when he was an executive with ICSC. I worked with him on many industry committees over the years where he demonstrated his extensive knowledge of the industry. He is not only a true professional with a significant grasp of commercial real estate and retail, but he is also a great team builder; always ready to help and teach others to achieve common goals. I know he brings those qualities to Woodcliff.
— Cr. Carlos A. Lecueder, CRX, CSM, CLS, CMD, President, Estudio Luis E. Lecueder, Montevideo, Uruguay
I trust Rudy Milian. I know him to be extremely competent, ethical and selfless. He not only understands the value of relationships in our industry, he is a master at building them and thereafter inspiring and leading collaboration.
— Bruce D. Pomeroy, CRX, CDP, Managing Principal Executive Chairman, Evergreen Devco, Inc., Glendale, California, USA
In his 30+ years of experience in the retail real estate industry, Rudy Milian has been involved in many aspects of entrepreneurial, institutional and not-for-profit aspects of our business. From property and asset management to marketing, leasing and education, Rudy has established himself as a leader and industry expert. Most importantly, Rudy has developed strong relationships with industry leaders who respect his integrity, knowledge and ability to execute strategic development programs effectively.
— Valerie Richardson, CRX, CLS, ICSC Chairman, Vice President of Real Estate, The Container Store, Coppell, Texas, USA
We at Kimco appreciate everything Rudy Milian has done for the shopping center industry over the years, especially on sustainability.
— Conor C. Flynn, Chief Executive Officer, Kimco Realty Corporation, New Hyde Park, New York, USA
I want to thank Rudy Milian for all his good work over the years at ICSC. He is a true professional.
— Patrick S. Donahue, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Donahue Schriber Realty Group, Costa Mesa, California, USA
There are very few people in the world who are genuinely gifted with a unique combination of unparalleled skills and charismatic personality. Simply by being by their side once, you get the greatest inspiration to realize your own potential and keep flourishing with each passing day! Undoubtedly, Rudolph Milian is one among them. Ever since I met him in 1996, I was not only inspired by his humble yet highly professional persona, but also with the retail industry he epitomized.
— Morhaf M. R. Kishi, Director of Shopping Malls and Commercial Properties, Citadel Properties, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
I have known Rudy Milian for a very long time, and I have always felt fortunate to be involved with someone as professional as him. His deep knowledge of market forces and industry fundamentals augments his vast skills for engaging people and lead groups. He quickly grasps client needs and masterfully balances priorities. I have enjoyed working with him on strategic business initiatives that are global in scope.
— Arcadio Gil Pujol, CRX, CDP, CMD, CSM, CLS, Managing Partner, LaSBA, S.A., Madrid, Spain
Rudy Milian has demonstrated a thorough fundamental knowledge of what makes shopping centers thrive, not just through his tenure with ICSC but his deep roots in the industry with DeBartolo and Cousins Properties.
— Kemper Freeman, Jr., ICSC Past Chairman, Chairman and CEO, Kemper Development Company, Bellevue, Washington, USA
Rudy Milian has been an innovative and steadfast ICSC executive for many years, and was responsible for numerous education and other successful program developments. He is well regarded by many ICSC Trustees and other industry leaders and has a strong network of professional contacts.
— C. David Zoba, Chairman, JLL Global Retail Leasing Board, Naples, Florida, USA